Venecia Bachee (Qld)




A bit about you, (what do you do outside of your training etc):

Outside training = work

How did you come to strongwoman? What drew you to it? How long?

Got introduced to strongman/strongwoman by a friend who was training for strongman (as well as powerlifting and highland games). It looked fun and ever since then (that was 2013/14) I’ve loved it.

Do you do any other type of training/sports?


What Gym do you train at/ what do you love about your gym? 

Currently train out of Snap Fitness Mackay with the Mackay Powerlifting crew. Train strong(wo)man mostly by myself, occasionally with another powerlifter who I’m trying to convert 😉

What is your favourite gym movement and/or strongwoman event & why?

DEADLIFTS! Have always enjoyed them. My biomechanics seem to favour them better than other lifts.

Least favourite & why

Conan’s wheel takes my breath away. In ways I don’t enjoy.

What are you training for next?


What is your favourite strongwoman specific memory/ achievement/ PB?

Carrying 200kg yoke for the first time, getting 80kg and 90kg stones for the first time.

How do you stay motivated? 

No training = one step towards getting weaker

What is your best piece of advice for beginners?

Ask around if you don’t know – the SM/SW community are generally very friendly and supportive

Are you a sponsored athlete? 

Coaching (powerlifting) sponsored by Thomas Lilley