Kay Hodgson – Vic

…’She believed she could, so she did”…

Kay circus dumbell

Age: 49


A bit about you, (what do you do outside of your training etc)?

I run a Boxing, Strongman and Olympic Weightlifting Gym.


How did you come to strongwoman? What drew you to it? How long?

I undertook a Strongman Crossfit Course and entered a competition on 3 weeks training then went to Queensland and trained with Coco and was hooked – I’ve been involved for 18 months now.

Do you do any other type of training/sports?

Prior to Strength training I was a professional Muay Thai and Boxing fighter. I’ve had 10 pro fights including 2 in Thailand. I am still involved with Muay Thai and am now a professional judge.

What Gym do you train at/ what do you love about your gym?

I own CB Fitness and Ballarat Weightlifting & Strength which I have run CB for 9 years and BW&S for 18 months. I basically live at the gym and love to see my clients reach new fitness levels and they are a great bunch.

What is your favourite gym movement and/or strongwoman event & why?

Deadlifts for sure and my favorite event is the farmers.

Least favourite & why?

Duck walk because of the bruises and I have little legs.

What are you training for next?

I have a few goals I would like ti tick off over the next 12 months but definitely get the masters comp strong.

What is your favourite strongwoman specific memory/ achievement/ PB?

Definitely the Truck Pull in Tassie that was fun and the Tyre Deadlift as well. Also volunteering as support crew for Arnold’s and The Fitness Expo.

How do you stay motivated?

I am motivated in 2 ways – to continue to get stronger to be able to confidently compete and as a reflection of mu business.

What is your best piece of advice for beginners?

Strength training takes time – One day you just don’t wake up and lift heavy, you need to be consistent and trust your coach.