Kellie Kelly x

“She Believed She Could, So She Did”…

kellie 10

It absolutely breaks my heart to be sitting down writing this post.

Monday Night not only did the Strongwoman/man Community lose a woman of physical strength we lost a woman who defines what strength is – Kellie Kelly.

I have spent this morning thinking about Kellie, how we meet, who this amazing woman is to me and the memories that will always remain in my heart. Right now though, I want to remind people of who Kellie is to us. I want others to remember who she is within our Strongwoman/man Community.

kellie 26Strongwoman Australia began in 2015 with Kellie being a founding member.  We were a small group of four.  A close-knit team. We trained together and supported each other.  We may not have been the most physically strongest team at that point but that didn’t matter. We had each other. We shared the same vision and we made shit happen.



Kellie was our rock.  She took on everyone’s fears and made them easier to cope with through her support. She didn’t try to block them or make us forget them, she helped us accept our fears and insecurities and learn from them. 

Kellie would openly talk in our private online Strongwoman groups about all the womanly issues that we face and experience in this sport. She would bring up things that we were all thinking about but too embarrassed to mention. She confronted them and OK-ed them. She gave us that space. Kellie had a strong influence on the strongwoman community, and the changes and progress it has since taken.


I’m crying alone but I can still feel Kellie’s presence and strength. I know that if Kellie was here with me right now she would have her arm around me, telling me it’s OK. It’s OK to grieve, it’s OK to be sad.  Things aren’t meant to be easy and this is a normal reaction. This sort of support is what she gave us all and we came to expect of her.

kellie 11


Not only did Kellie support us emotionally but she showed us that nothing was impossible through her dedication to her training and her amazing improvements in her lifting. Her physical strength and ability to keep pushing forward, to keep growing, to get back up was nothing short of inspiring. Not only for those who knew Kellie well but to those who come in contact with her through competitions, training, and social media channels. I know that I will continue to chase that 300kg yoke, because Kellie showed me that it is well and truly possible.

kellie 19

I took a little time today to read through messages that have been posted onto Kellie’s Facebook page over the last 24 hours and they all echo similar sentiments through different experiences – they truly show what a genuine a woman Kellie was. I took a few of their descriptions of this strong lady that we will miss; things that made me smile and help me remember Kellie exactly the way she was within our community:

CollageA beautiful friend.
An amazing mum.
Story teller (usually x rated)
A Rock.
Sex Kitten.
Princess of Power.
Trusted Friend
Filthy sense of humour (seeing a pattern here)

We we will always Cherish Kellie in our hearts in our own way.

Kellie Kelly, thank you for teaching us all so much, for your support, your laughter, your hugs and, most of all, thank you for being you.

Rest in Peace

– Jo Greagen (StrongWoman Australia)

On behalf of the strongwoman and strongman community, we wish to convey our deepest condolences to Kellie’s beautiful children, Loki and Kristina, as well as her family. We will cherish every memory that we have of Kellie and she will remain in our hearts forever.

kellie 25


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