June Athlete of the Month

…’She thought she could – so she did’…

Keya Woodland


Tell us about yourself. What do you do outside of the gym?

There is life outside training??! 😉 I work full time at Crossfit Victoria where I coach and am the member services coordinator so my life is mostly consumed by the gym. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I like to get outside exploring when I can and to the beach to recharge my batteries. I also love napping. And am very good at it!

 How did you come to strongwoman? What drew you to it? How long?

I first found strongman through a friend that asked me to come and try a competition in 2013. I was already training and competing in Olympic weightlifting and had previously trained and competed in crossfit – so I thought why not and went along and competed in my first strongman competition and it was from there I feel in love with the sport. It was an ISF competition with tractor and farm implements, I Loved how different it was and how it really test skill, strength and ability.

Who/what inspires you and why?

I was first inspired to do better and be better by Rachael Mackenzie at my first strongman comp after hearing her story of her going to compete at the USA Arnold’s 2013 and thought i too one day would love the opportunity to compete for my country. I am also inspired by the top level and Pro StrongWomen to be stronger and a better me in the hopes of one day being a competitive athlete alongside them

Do you do any other type of training/sports?

Not at the moment regally though still do a little olympic weightlifting movements and crossfit every now and then.

keya 2 profile

What is your favorite and least gym movement and/or Strongwoman event & why?

I love the log lift as i found transferring for weightlifting it came quite easy to train and love that it can in some ways not only be a strength but a technical lift

When competing though Yoke is by far my favourite being able to move fast with weight on my back.

LEAST: Deadlifts as i never feel as though i can get them right….but are always a work in progress

What are you training for next?

I have just been invited to worlds strongest Women in las Vegas in September so training up to compete against the worlds best.

What is your favorite Strongwoman specific memory/ achievement/ PB?

Hitting a 95kg log lift in training

How do you stay motivated?

Competing helps keep me motivated in always wanting to better

What is your best piece of advice for beginners?

Train hard
listen to your body
give everything a go
Get into competing even when you think you may not be ready always think as it of you against you and go out each and every time and do better then the last!!!

Are you a sponsored athlete?

Lift wraps

Strongman Achievements to date:

2015- LWW 3rd Usa arnold classic
2016- U65kg 1st AUS Arnold classic
2016- U75kg 1st South African Arnold classic
2016- AUS log record
2017- Invite worlds strongest women

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I hope to be competing as a professional strongwoman.


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