April Athlete Of The Month


…’She thought she could – so she did’…

Ainslee Gordon



Tell us about yourself. What do you do outside of the gym?

There’s life outside of training?? Just kidding!!! I’m a PT and mother to Tyler. Our down time is usually spent at the beach or climbing the beautiful glasshouse mountains.

 How did you come to strongwoman? What drew you to it? How long?

First strongwoman comp was 2016 at Beerwah Strongman Comp. Initially competing didn’t really interest me, I was happy just lifting heavy things, I guess I was a little shy/scared/lacking in confidence about lifting in front of others but my coach convinced me that I would be ok lol, and that I was strong enough. I tore my calf muscle in the first 5 steps of the first event and had to decide if I would continue to compete that day. I did and placed first, which qualified me for Arnolds

Who/what inspires you and why?

Everyone!! Everyone has a story, whether it’s in the sports arena or some other area of life, there’s always something in someone elses story that can be used as inspiration

Do you do any other type of training/sports?

Not any more…. I used to be a runner, before that rugby union and netball.

What is your favorite and least gym movement and/or Strongwoman event & why?

Fav- Deadlifts all the way!!!
Least –  being a noob there’s still a lot of disciplines I haven’t done but for now log, I DREAD the log, I just never seem to get better at it.

What are you training for next?

Best in The West 2!!!

What is your favorite Strongwoman specific memory/ achievement/ PB?

Arnold Classic 2017

How do you stay motivated?

I’ve never really struggled with motivation to train, it is MY time and I need that time to feel human. Motivation to be better, lift more or do it faster comes from the ladies I compete with. Rob (my coach) does a pretty good job of keeping me switched on and on track.

 What is your best piece of advice for beginners?

I still consider myself to be a beginner!!! But for someone considering having a go at strongwoman I’d tell them to just do it, give it a go and like me, it just might be the best thing you’ve ever done!!!

Are you a sponsored athlete?


Strongman Achievements to date:

Qlds Strongest Women 2016
Static Monsters 2016: #1 Overall Ranking, #1 Axel Deadlift, #2 Log
Pretty & Powerful Novice Powerlifting First Place
Arnold Classic Third place

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully still improving in the strongwoman game and still inspiring people to be the fittest, strongest version of themselves 

ainslee 2


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