…”She Believed She Could, So She Did”…


Strongwoman Martha Tevita has her sights set high as she takes on the Worlds Strongest Strongwoman at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio this coming March 2017.

The 27 year old powerhouse trains out of Impact Gym located in Erina, where she currently also works in an administration role. She is coached under the watchful eye of Rhys Keane, (Doom Squad.) martha-tevita-2

In 2016 Martha placed 1st at the Arnold Classic Australia which earned her a place in two international competitions, the first of which took place mid last year at the first ever Arnold Classic South Africa where she took out first place in her weight category.

The second of the two is at a World Competition Level, Arnold Classic USA.
In Columbus Martha will be faced with several days of gruelling events including the Yoke, Keg run and press, Stones of Steel, Axle Press, Axle Deadlift and a mystery event. Martha is excited to be coming up against the Strongest Women in the World.  “There is an amazing line up of Athletes from all over the world and I haven’t been in the sport very long to know the Athletes I’m going against but I’m looking forward to meeting all the crazily insane Strongwomen from all over the World.” She states.

Martha is an inspiration to many women throughout Australia and it’s not just her strength that inspires. Her determination to grow and learn sits on the forefront of my mind. “I’m growing in this sport every day and there’s so much to learn”. says Martha, “The adrenaline on the field is what drives me, the feeling of strength is unexplainable, and it’s so addictive that if I could I’d train all day every day.’

The possibilities are endless for this Strength Athlete who stays motivated and pushes hard through tough times, “My motivation is all the possibilities and opportunities that are ahead of me, even though they seem so far from me, I have faith. From the person I was 3 years ago to the person I am today, it’s crazy to think I’ve accomplished so much in such little time. I have no words to explain some of my sessions but if you want to be alongside the best, you have to make the sacrifice and put in the hard yards.”

Martha has been working a base program which involves the powerlifts, squat, bench and deadlift to build up her strength over the past few months and is happy with the results she is getting.  Training 5-6 days a week and sometimes twice a day. Martha is sure to represent Australia in the brightest light.

When ask what her advice would be for beginners Martha was confident, “Just take it, what dmartha-tevita-articleo you have to lose? Remember everyone had or has to start somewhere. The sport of strength is a mentality challenger and it takes a lot but if your heart is in it and you are prepared to push limits, get out there and do it. I know this is cliché and everyone says it but you only live once so make it count!”

With this the 27 year olds short term goals would be to finish her studies in Fitness and become a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I am personally excited about that future of Strongwoman in Australia.  “My dream is to help our next generation find their drive in life and encourage and inspire them to do great things.” Martha tells us.

On behalf of Strongwoman Australia I wish Martha all the best in her preparation and competition.

Keep an eye on our page for an update on Martha’s Journey and competition results.

Written by Joanne Greagen
(Be Strong Fitness Geelong)



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